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Real Ales

Cask MarqueWe are proud to have been awarded recognition from Cask Marque.

Excellence in the service of cask ale.

Awarded to the licensee rather than to the pub.

Jointly funded by brewers and retailers.

Inspections made twice a year.

“Good cellar management is the key to serving cask ales in their prime. Cask Marque will be invaluable to customers, retailers and brewers alike.” Paul Wells, Chairman, Independent Family Brewers of Britain

“Cask ale is the lynch-pin of our pub tradition and Cask Marque’s success will underwrite the future of both ale and pubs”. Nick Bish, Chief Executive, The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers


Blond Witch

Premier Bitter


TheakstonsPutting modesty aside for a moment, we believe that Theakston Best Bitter is the quintessential English Ale. A beer enjoyed by quality ale enthusiasts all over the country.

Short Notes (Cyclops definition)

See: Golden
Smell: Clean, fruit hop, malt
Taste: Subtle, complex and refreshing

Tasting Notes

The definitive English Bitter. This fine, golden coloured beer, now restored to 3.8% ABV, has a full flavour that lingers pleasantly on the palate. With a good bitter-sweet balance this beer has a robust hop character described as citrus and spicy. It’s a refreshing and very satisfying pint – noted for the aroma of its Fuggles and dry hopping strain Golding to add to its characteristic Theakston aroma.

Lancaster Bomber